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Re: Nyquist Frequency (was Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate)

sorry, more geekery left in me...

after re-reading my last post, I realized I left out a critical factor to 
how a digital system will sound.   One of the toughest challenges for a 
designer is to supply good clean current to the converters.  So powering 
system without noise in the supply is of utmost importance - and this can 
a real challenge in a digital system with things like CFCs, LEDs, buttons, 
ect.  Its even harder with spinning motors and moving solenoids like in a 
player.  It is also tricky in high-impedance systems like anything with a 
guitar input because the high impedance componants can act like a very 
antenae for electrical noise.

This stuff can be way more important than the sampling frequency if its 
done correctly because you'll hear any noise in the power supply or in the 
system ending up in the final output.  But of course all you repeater 
(myself included) already know that...