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new guy intro

Hello All -

Long time looper, first time poster. I joined this list a few days  
ago hoping it was still intact and I have been amazed at the amount  
of activity and quality dialogue. It's like in the blind melon video  
when the little girl in the bee suit finds all the people dancing in  
bee suits in the field. Well, sort of.

I apologize if you are on the Max/MSP list too, because i just gave  
my little intro speech there moments ago. I am trying to transition  
myself from hermetic soldering musician to hermetic soldering  
musician with some sense of community. So I am getting on all these  
lists that I should have joined years ago.

These are the things I do -

my music - http://www.theoverclock.com
my hobby job - http://www.rocknrollmachines.com
me and my friends - http://nyconduit.com
my job - http://www.native-instruments.com

I have been using reaktor and fm7 embedded inside Max/MSP for awhile  
to do my looping business, but recently with the addition of some new  
home made midi controllers i found it smoother and more fun to  
rebuild the entire system in Max/MSP without the vst parasites. So  
far so good. I have a lot of work to do to smooth out the process and  
add features but hopefully sometime soon I can upload a stand-alone  
app of my looping system for others to play with.

In other news - I have been getting down and dirty with the building  
of custom midi controllers, thanks to the Midibox architecture and  
(my favorite) the MidiTron from eric singer. So if anyone likes the  
idea of having a custom midi control, but doesn't like the idea of  
making it themselves give me a holler.

back to the loop

- b