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RE: Y2K5 Pictures / Performance Recordings (new addition from JamesSidlo)

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I see it fine on a PC using Netscape.
Hey - what's the deal? The photos are well-lighted? You mean Y2K5 wasn't in a dark cave like Y2K4? How can you loop in daylight? don't you melt or something?
And, you know, the one thing this crowd needs to get away from is it's youth- and glamour-obsessed nature. I mean, too much is too much already!
Nice shots, really.
Best wishes,
Warren Sirota
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>> I'm on WinXP and can see the site and picture slideshow without problems.
the photographs and slideshow are beautifully done. Wonderful. Only thing is that no names are displayed and it would be so nice to see who is who. I only know some of the people.