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RE: Repeater Mod

Thats correct,thanks Stephen, for clearing that up. Bill
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     Bill wrote:
> You have got to hit multiply on the down beat of a loop or else it will 
the slow down ramp up
thing, I feel your pain, but I've gotten more accurate and am having less

     Zoe replied:
> Ah...now that is interesting. It happens to me mid-song. Often I record
onto only a portion of a
going loop (for example, record onto beats 4 and 5 of a 6 beat phrase, or
just on and upbeat). For
example, a loop is going, I'm playing a phrase on top and sample just a
couple portions of that
phrase mid-bar. So should I always record a full multiple of the original


     I think Bill is talking about hitting the "Multiply" button, not just
inserting more audio
into an existing loop.  It's a great discovery that Bill tells us about,
though I don't think that
you're referring to the same thing here.  Since you're using the FCB1010, 
may be that it's
sending extra MIDI stuff.  Or possibly that the Repeater is freaking out
from the MIDI commands
regardless of their pristine nature.

     Zoe continues:
<<  Also, shouldn't matter I guess, but I always start my loops on an 
(i.e. the AND of 4).
Besides feeling more logical to me, then the beginning of the downbeat
sounds natural. It's like
the upswing/breath that a quartet takes or a conductor gives before 
a piece.>>

     Ah, this is great as well.  I never thought about it that way, but it
makes marvelous sense
to start a loop on an upbeat.  I like your breath analogy.


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