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Re[2]: Repeater Mod

this sounds very promising, thanks for the work. I have got two
friends using the repeater and looking for a solution to reduce the
background noises.

Matthias L.

SVG>      A word or two about the Repeater mod that has been buzzing 
around this list lately.  I was
SVG> planning on waiting until it was released but the cat is slipping out 
of the bag.
SVG>      Peter Toms and Terry Robb of Condor Electronics have come up 
with this noise mod that brings
SVG> the s/n from -50db to -75db.  (This is totally separate from the 
upgraded power supply that they
SVG> used to offer though currently they are not doing this due to lack of 
demand.  It's also different
SVG> from the mod that the guy in Boston is doing.)  In an effort to 
"bring this to the people", I have
SVG> been working with Peter to document the process.  It is a very 
difficult piece of work and will
SVG> tax the skills of most non-pro repair people (and probably some pros 
as well...)  I was able to
SVG> perform the mods on my Repeater, with the cushion of being able to 
take it in to Peter if anything
SVG> went wrong.  It truly is an amazing mod and I recommend it to anyone 
who has ANY issues with the
SVG> noisiness of the Repeater.  It doesn't make the CFC clicking go away 
altogether, though it does
SVG> quiet it down a lot.  In my studio environment, I can now run my 
signal "dry unmuted" through the
SVG> Repeater with extremely little degradation of sound.  I was never 
able to do that before and so
SVG> always ran it through an aux send in my mixer and set the Repeater to 
"dry muted".

SVG>      Basically, the main issue with the Repeater is that the front 
panel controls (digital) share
SVG> the same ground with the audio path, thus polluting the audio signal. 
 By separating these two
SVG> grounds and attaching them at different points, much of the pollution 
is cleaned up and the noise
SVG> floor drops considerably.

SVG>      So where is this mod and where can I get my hands on it?  It's 
in my computer at the moment,
SVG> I'm finishing up the layout of photos with text which will then be 
put into a PDF and placed in
SVG> the appropriate spot on the LD website.  It is truly a labor of love, 
Kim is generously providing
SVG> web space, nobody is making squat off of this and so you're just 
gonna have to wait a little
SVG> longer :)  Unlike other promises that we've heard about the Repeater, 
this one is finished, all
SVG> the bugs have been worked out, and it's just about to be released.  
(No, really...)

SVG>      For those people who are unable to do the Repeater mod 
themselves, the forthcoming
SVG> instructions will be easily decipherable by any competent tech or you 
will be able to send it
SVG> directly to Condor Electronics and they will do it for $95.

SVG>      Speaking of Repeater promises, I have heard much behind the 
scenes talk about the company
SVG> that purchased the Electrix line.  I don't like contributing to the 
rumours that are floating
SVG> around back and forth mainly because they tend to generate ill will.  
The only thing that I can
SVG> say at this point is that as of this week, Electrix is still around 
and plans are still underway
SVG> to get the Repeater and other boxes out there to the public.  That 
doesn't mean that it will
SVG> happen, only that the rumours of the company's demise are not yet 
true.  Just the facts ma'am.

SVG>      Stephen

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