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Repeater speeding up when doing multiply

The last statement here was:
     I think Bill is talking about hitting the "Multiply" button, not
just inserting more audio into an existing loop.  It's a great discovery
that Bill tells us about, though I don't think that you're referring to
the same thing here.  Since you're using the FCB1010, it may be that
it's sending extra MIDI stuff.  Or possibly that the Repeater is
freaking out from the MIDI commands regardless of their pristine

You might be looking at a problem similar to one where my Repeater
(controlled w/ a FCB1010) would sometimes speed up or slow down when
performing certain actions. No problems when operating the Repeater from
the front panel. The reason: varispeed was controlled by an expression
pedal. Sometimes when hitting a footswitch, the expression pedal moved
ever so slightly and snapped to a new position for the varispeed effect.