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Re: Real-time category

On 14 dec 2005, at 21.51, Jeff Larson wrote:

> ASIO and CoreAudio behave the same way so everything I said about ASIO
> applies to CoreAudio.  But 16 samples!  That's really good.  Most  
> people
> can't get anywhere near that if they're running a plugin host.  If  
> your
> application is stable with a 16 sample buffer size then sure, you can
> effectively ignore latency because the errors you are having are at  
> the
> same level as calibration errors in a system that actually tries to do
> latency compensation.  And if you are sending looper commands through
> the audio interface it will be faster than MIDI.
> But this is a very unusual situation.  I doubt anyone running a  
> commercial
> host like Bidule or Live with even one extra plugin like an amp  
> modeler
> or reverb can use a 16 sample buffer.

I don't have the knowledge or the interest to discuss these matters  
in detail, but I'd like to ad something I heard: that OS X Core Audio  
has a built in safety buffer. Maybe it should be "16 samples plus the  
built-in safety buffer"?

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