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Re: Looperlative LP1 - current info compiled

I think this is going to be a great unit! Choice is good! I currently use
two EDPs and am still getting into all the features so I don't feel limited
by them at all. From what I can gather, this unit will be a bit different 
concept and features but I think it's great we will have another option to
choose from (especially with the talk of the EDP not being supported

Once it comes out, I'll be looking closely to see if it fits my needs.


on 12/14/05 2:49 PM, Bob Amstadt at bob@amstadt.com wrote:

> Yep, I understand your thoughts exactly.  I also do understand the
> difficulties in creating MIDI sync.  Unlike other types of 
> MIDI is not very reliable in itself.  Timing often is off and other MIDI
> traffic can get in the way of timely delivery of the MIDI synchronization
> messages.
> I'm not asking you to take anything on faith.  When the unit is fully 
> to be sold, evaluate the features at that time.  This is one of the 
> that specs are sketchy right now.  I don't want to make promises that I
> can't be 100% certain of.
> I am certain when the first production units hit the streets that the
> feature list will be attractive.
> --On Wednesday, December 14, 2005 10:15 AM -0800 mark sottilaro
> <zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Oh so correct.  When I read, "MIDI Sync is at the top
>> of the list" I read it like, "NASA's next mission is a
>> manned mission to Mars."  MIDI sync seems to be quite
>> the gauntlet for looping devices.  Although I
>> understand little of the programming that goes into a
>> device like the Repeater or EDP, MIDI sync always
>> seems to be the thing that's the most difficult.  I
>> guess we can only wait and see.
>> Mark
>> --- Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:
>>> mark sottilaro wrote:
>>>> That does indeed sound like a Repeater/EDP
>>> killer!
>>> The LP1 does indeed sound like a very promising
>>> product.  But before
>>> we sound the death knell for the EDP we need to
>>> consider the issue of
>>> "software".
>>> There is an acronym in the world of engineering,
>>> SMOP, which stands
>>> for "Simple Matter Of Programming".  It refers to
>>> the tendency of
>>> engineers to underestimate the costs of software
>>> development and
>>> testing when doing project planning.  As in, "we'll
>>> budget 6 months
>>> for hardware checkout, then it's just a SMOP for the
>>> OS".
>>> I'm sure Bob's a fine engineer, and I look forward
>>> to watching the
>>> evolution of the LP1, but do not underestimate the
>>> difficulty of
>>> writing and testing software for a machine such as
>>> this, and the
>>> complexity of the software that has been refined
>>> over many years in
>>> the EDP.
>>> From the little information that exists, the LP1
>>> has already begun
>>> departing from the software architecture of the EDP
>>> in several significant
>>> ways, and as such, I seriously doubt the LP1 will
>>> ever do everything
>>> an EDP can.  I'm not saying it should, it will have
>>> unique and powerful
>>> features of its own, but it will be different, and
>>> these differences
>>> will be important to some people.
>>> Jeff
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