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Re: digital input for the Vortex Re:

>I was wondering if it's possible or
>even advisable to have a digital input installed on my Vortex so it can
>play even nicer with my MPX-500 and VF-1, both of which have digital 
>As it is now, I run a SPDIF cable from my VF-1 to my MPX-500, and then I 
>a kluge workaround by running 1/4" mono patch cords from the MPX-500's
>analog output jacks (which are only supposed to accept balanced XLR or
>balanced TRS). So far, so good---decent sound quality, but I'm nervous 
>I'm hurting something.

Surely Lexicon anticipated that this would happen sometime.
Unless the MPX-500 manual forbids the use of unbalanced jacks I 
wouldn't worry.
If it sounds good I'd use it just as it is.

I don't know about a digi input for the vortex,
in fact I'm not sure that the Vortex does it all in software.
So maybe "no way"
(Kim would be able to say)

Also be aware that you're missing out on the undelayed analog dry
signal by using the digi conectors.

andy butler