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Re: Looperlative LP1 - current info compiled

Oh so correct.  When I read, "MIDI Sync is at the top
of the list" I read it like, "NASA's next mission is a
manned mission to Mars."  MIDI sync seems to be quite
the gauntlet for looping devices.  Although I
understand little of the programming that goes into a
device like the Repeater or EDP, MIDI sync always
seems to be the thing that's the most difficult.  I
guess we can only wait and see.


--- Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:

> mark sottilaro wrote:
>  > That does indeed sound like a Repeater/EDP
> killer!
> The LP1 does indeed sound like a very promising
> product.  But before
> we sound the death knell for the EDP we need to
> consider the issue of
> "software".
> There is an acronym in the world of engineering,
> SMOP, which stands
> for "Simple Matter Of Programming".  It refers to
> the tendency of
> engineers to underestimate the costs of software
> development and
> testing when doing project planning.  As in, "we'll
> budget 6 months
> for hardware checkout, then it's just a SMOP for the
> OS".
> I'm sure Bob's a fine engineer, and I look forward
> to watching the
> evolution of the LP1, but do not underestimate the
> difficulty of
> writing and testing software for a machine such as
> this, and the
> complexity of the software that has been refined
> over many years in
> the EDP.
>  From the little information that exists, the LP1
> has already begun
> departing from the software architecture of the EDP
> in several significant
> ways, and as such, I seriously doubt the LP1 will
> ever do everything
> an EDP can.  I'm not saying it should, it will have
> unique and powerful
> features of its own, but it will be different, and
> these differences
> will be important to some people.
> Jeff

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