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RE: looperlative thoughts

I'm just blown away by anyone who can create something like the Repeater or
the EDP (the workhorse of the Looper's Delight gang) or this wonderful
Mystery Box son to be known as Looperlative.

My hat is off to all of you creators and innovators. Thw world needs more
like you.

Sonic Joy,
Tim Mungenast

> [Original Message]
> From: Steve Lawson <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk>
> To: Loop List <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: 12/14/2005 6:38:57 AM
> Subject: looperlative thoughts
> OK, before we get completely carried away, as one of the very small  
> group of people here who've actually tried out a looperlative, I'll  
> offer a couple of thoughts...
> Firstly, Bob's aim has clearly not been to just redo the EDP in  
> stereo - the EDP is very much a product of initially Matthias'  
> genius, and then years and years of tweaking and shaping the way that  
> particular instrument works. It's an incredible tool, and one that,  
> if there is to be stereo version, needs to updated by the people who  
> had that vision.
> In the wider world of looping ideas/devices/concepts, the  
> looperlative offers something wonderful. In the short time I've spent  
> with one thus far, the programming of the MIDI controls is easier  
> than on anything I've tried before (even for MIDI-phobes), the  
> availability of the 8 stereo loops is almost too much - it's going to  
> take me a while to get to grips with the expanded range of  
> possibilities (I think I'll be mainly using the first three for quite  
> a while, before I start to really get to know the box and use it  
> intuitively.
> And, like the EDP, the looperlative reflects a lot about it's creator  
> - I've known Bob for a few years, and of all the music product  
> development people I've ever had dealings with (which is a LOT of  
> people), Bob is probably the one I trust the most to get it right.  
> Not that it's meet every last requirement of everyone on the list  
> (sorry, there won't be a feature that allows you to midi up your  
> eyeballs to operate the loops just by looking at foxy peoples in the  
> audience), but that it will do what it says it does, what it set out  
> to do, and will be incredibly well supported.
> It seems, from what Bob has said, that the LP1 is pretty much  
> established in terms of what's going on with it, how the architecture  
> will work. The one I tried (which I'll get back early next week) did  
> everything it said it should do - the menus were easy to navigate,  
> the audio was clean, the midi controls worked, and I was looping with  
> it immediately.
> If you're looking for something to replicate the feature set of the  
> EDP, it's not that. It may well end up incorporating some of the more  
> esoteric EDP ideas, but I'm guessing Andre is about to switch units  
> after spending a decade building up the facility he has with the  
> echoplex... What I predict will happen is that a fair few people will  
> end up with one of each - especially those who like the granular cut  
> 'n' paste freakery of the Echoplex, but want the option to a) go  
> stereo and b) reorder those bits and keep some stuff going while they  
> they carry on chopping elsewhere.
> Oh, and the two stereo aux sends are going to be an absolute god-send  
> for anyone who post-processes their loops.
> For the way I loop, and the way I think about the performance  
> process, the LP1 is pretty much everything I've hoped for in a  
> looper. It'll take me a while to learn it in the way I currently know  
> the EDP, but I'm confident that I'll get there in the same way I made  
> the jump from 2 seconds on my ART night bass to 8 seconds on my  
> jamman, to 32 seconds on my jamman, to jamman plus DL4, to jamman  
> plus echoplex plus DL4 to two echoplexes, to two echoplexes plus two  
> G2 plus kaoss pad... :o)
> That one guy working on his own has come up with such a device is  
> fantastic - to see it through from conception to shippable product is  
> a remarkable feat and one that I for one am exceedingly grateful for,  
> given the rubbishness of Gibson at doing anything sensible with the  
> remarkable technology that they are sitting on, and the reluctance of  
> Line 6 to ever take their looping stuff a stage further.
> three cheers for Bob and the Looperlative...
> Steve
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