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RPTR discoveries

Two of the features I love the most about the RPTR are the time stretch
capability and the pitch shift capability. Like some of you who use this
device, I haven't had much luck going in to record mode when I'm time
stretched really radically, example: something I recorded at 120bpm now
being played back at 10bpm. I'd always get an  error message and the 
would not record. Until now. Lately I have been experimenting with really
short loops that I can easily morph by going in to replace mode, or using 
expression pedal to vary the feedback, and I've found that when I don't tax
the machine with long loops, I can go in to record mode even when time
stretched. Those of you who know what a RPTR sounds like slowed all the way
down, can hopefully get a sense of what I'm talking about. The already
surreal sound of your music content being sloooooooooowed way down coupled
will the ability to overdub or replace the material at will. Its nice to
know that I'm still finding new things about the RPTR. For all of its
shortcomings which have been well documented here. It is capable of some
amazing sonic manipulation.