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Re: Real-time category

a k butler wrote:
> Stephan says
>>> I think if you just deliver a dc (a switch with a battery), even to 
>>> an audio interface which does not pass dc itself, you should easily 
>>> detect this loud click and use it as a trigger.
> Great idea.
> To start with there's the problem that you use up a whole audio channel 
> for just
> one switch :-(

Yeah, but its dead simple and if you got one of those 8-channel 
interfaces you might have an input free...

> Well, how about using a SPDIF input.
> The hardware pedal could generate a different digital value for
> each button.

I thought about this, but its way more complicated.
But there is a box from Timothy A. Place at Electrotap which does that. 
Its a whole sensor interface which translates its sensor data into a 
spdif stream. You can attach pedals, switches and all kinds of sensors 
to expand your instrument.

Its called the Teabox: http://www.electrotap.com/teabox/

It will come with ready to go max externals to integrate it into your 
looping software.



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