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Re: Looperlative LP1 - current info compiled

MIDI sync is not in yet, but it is currently on the top of the list of 
software features to be added.

Feedback control is in the current software and can be controlled from the 
front panel or via a foot pedal.  MIDI button control of feedback is on 
list of features to be added.

Manual faders exist for each track and can be controlled via the front 
panel or a foot pedal.  Automatic fading is a feature on the software to 

--On Tuesday, December 13, 2005 11:46 AM -0800 mark sottilaro 
<zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com> wrote:

> That does indeed sound like a Repeater/EDP killer!  I
> didn't see anything about it's ability to sync to a
> MIDI clock or have variable feedback.  Two "must have"
> feature of a looper in my world.  Man, if it did
> direct to overdub... feedback control AND fade control
> on each channel (have a loop fade while you start to
> build another on another track)  That would be sweet.
> Mark
> --- Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
>> Heya gang,
>> Not that you couldn't go get this info with a bit of
>> browsing, but I've
>> compiled all of the things I could find here and at
>> Bob's site into a
>> blog post at my blog site.  You're invited to come
>> by and take a look if
>> you want a condensed version of what we know so far.
>> http://www.uncledig.com/blog/archives/44
>> I have Bob's blessing on this (thanks Bob!).
>> There's also a chance that I'll be doing a phone
>> interview with Bob
>> sometime in the near future, and presenting that as
>> an audioblog
>> entry/podcast.  Maybe even a series of interviews as
>> the LP1 develops.
>> No promises on that just yet - but I think we can
>> figure something out.
>> You're welcome to email me offlist if there are
>> things you'd like to see
>> addressed in an interview like that.
>> Definitely planning some phone interviews with other
>> loopstars from the
>> list.  I'll leave you in suspense on that one :)
>> Also, if you snoop around, you'll see that I'm in
>> the beta testing
>> stages of an interesting musician's online community
>> at the root of my
>> domain (http://www.uncledig.com).  It's just getting
>> started, but if you
>> read through it and like what you see, feel free to
>> sign up and even
>> post some of your music in the appropriate category.
>>  I'll post about
>> this to the list again very soon, once I get all of
>> the features fully
>> tested and online.
>> Loop on, loopsters.
>> Doug
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