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RE: Looperlative

Hi, i believed that the EDP was capable of recording synchronized and
unsynchronized loops. Am i wrong? 


Ariel Rzezak
Bedelía UCES
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Yes - it is these capabilities that interest me the most.

But as a complete midiot, I hope there will be a way to do this without
needing to separately purchase and program a footpedal.   Or if this is
required, I hope there is a way to "receive" the programming somehow so it
can be "loaded" into the looper and the pedal.

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> Rick wrote:
>  >>>
> Bob will be helping me with the learning curve which will consist of
> mostly figuring out how to
> program midi pedals to run it.
> One of the most exciting things to me about the box so far is that
> Bob has made it so that
> you can have 8 loops that are synchronized or unsynchronized.
> Apparently,  you can run separate loops (with muting capabilities
> from a midi foot control)
> that are synchronized but then record other loops that are not
> synchronized.<<<
> Both of those things are SO easy to do - the pedal programming is as
> simple as it could be - turn the dial to the midi pedal setup area,
> press the pedal and then tell the unit what you want that pedal to
> do. So far, no matching of button numbers to parameter numbers or
> anything like that.
> And the sync/unsync thing works beautifully - just depends on whether
> you press play before record on the subsequent loop. Really intuitive.
> With the regular software upgrade options available via the ethernet
> cable, the looperlative is set to be a real revelation on the
> hardware looper market. It'll take time for Bob to get all the
> software written that he wants to put in there, but even with the
> first beta software set, there were options available that I'd
> couldn't have done on the EDP without hooking up all four of mine...
> And it's Stereo :o)
> see y'all at NAMM/Campbell,
> Steve
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