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Montauk CD

Dear fellow loopers,

I am happy to report about my newest release on between the lines  
records, distributed by Sunny-Moon, in the US and Canada through  
Allegro but also available at major internet stores throughout the net.

The album is called MONTAUK after the novel by Swiss writer Max  
Frisch, it features an interesting quartet consisting of violin  
(Dominique Pifarély from Paris), cello (Alain Grange from Paris),  
drums (Michael Griener from Berlin) and yours truely on guitar, banjo  
and applied EDP loopmangeling.

You can check out the mp3-audio on the link below, you guys and gals  
might be most interested in the solo-with-EDP track BLINDED IN  
HEADLIGHTS (done in one take without overdubs).


This tracks mirrors the feeling of a car ride down the Californian  
coast going from SF to Santa Cruz to meet and perform with Rick and  
Bill Walker last year -  such a great vibe.

Regards, Andreas
andreas willers