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Re: Steve Lawson masterclass, Northern California, Jan 28th


Ratz! This is about the first NAMM since 1993 that I haven't planned
on attending (for a variety of perfectly good reasons). Wouldn't you
know it that there'd be a potentially important new looper making it's
public industrial debut this time around. What rotten luck.

In a message dated 12/12/05 4:39:45 PM, bob@amstadt.com writes:

Unfortunately, no manual is available, yet. I have been racing with time
trying to get everything ready for NAMM. Steve is one of the two beta
testers of the Looperlative LP1. He's has been nice enough to learn how to
use the unit without a manual. Based on the great deal of work still yet
to be done before the show. It looks like no documentation will be
available before the show. I apologize, but I'm behind schedule on making
the design changes between the prototype units and the production units.
It is my goal to have the first production units before the NAMM show.

I'm also hoping that our two beta testers will be willing to share their
experiences with all of you as well as with me. I intend to rely very
heavily on their opinions to determine which features need to be
implemented first. I feel very strongly that the electronics are solid and
that the features that musicians need can be implemented with a simple
software upgrade to the unit. The nice thing about these units is that
software can be upgraded without swapping chips. New updates will be made
available over the Internet as soon as they are ready.

So, over the next year, the number of features will likely grow fairly
rapidly as I get reports back from the field.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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