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Re: OT: Indian rhythm box recommendations?

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Travis Hartnett wrote:

> A few years ago I remember seeing some non-MIDI rhythm boxes that
> would generate Indian rhythms and drones, but now I'm having no luck
> finding them.  Anyone have any suggestions for hardware or Mac OS
> solutions?



I have a Raagini electronic sampled tanpura box that I love. Advantages:
output jack so I can plug it into the mixer and blend it
nicely flexible on the drone chords
optional & included battery pack
built-in speaker

with the battery and speaker, I can busk with it if I like.

Here's where to find one:

I participated in a six-person improvisational live looping performance 
back in June under the name Audio Arcade. The recording of our set is 


I used my Raagini electronic tanpura, which you should be able to hear in 
spots, throughout, althought faded in and out.

A local sitar player has the Raagini electronic tabla box that he uses for 
accompaniment, and it sounded perfectly acceptable for live performance.

Mac OS X software:
As I mentioned the last time this topic came up, I was happy to note 
recently that Swarshala has recently been released for OS X.


Steve B