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Re: OT: Indian rhythm box recommendations?


you might want to try the Taal Tarang Digital by Riyaz which is a
programmable (if you know Indian rhythm and metres, that is) Tabla Drum
Machine. The Taalmala by Radel is a classic, also a tabla drum machine.
Riyaz also makes an electronic tamboura (drone instrument) as well as a
simple all-in-one solution. Just check the web for Radel Electronics and
Riyaz, and you should find some stuff. I have a Taal Tarang Digital, and I
like it a lot. A little rough around the edges and a little noisy but so 
and weird... you just have to love it.




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> it's called a "shruti box"
> http://www.indianhandicraftsandmusicstore.com/servlet/hsubjdisp?
> offset=0&btype=Music%20Instruments&ctype=Electronic%20Instruments
> On Dec 12, 2005, at 2:29 PM, Travis Hartnett wrote:
> > A few years ago I remember seeing some non-MIDI rhythm boxes that
> > would generate Indian rhythms and drones, but now I'm having no luck
> > finding them.  Anyone have any suggestions for hardware or Mac OS
> > solutions?
> >
> > TravisH
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