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semi off-topic/wtb: floor pedals

I have a musical project that I'd like to get started and it involves a variety of effect pedals.  Before I start cruising ebay, I'm wondering if anybody here has (or knows somebody that has) stomp-boxes that they don't use.
Iím not fussy about the brand but there are five conditions:
1) it has to be inexpensive.
2) it has to be in working condition.  I don't care about scratches and I'll accept pedals that don't function well or are difficult to control, i.e., an octave pedal that doesn't track satisfactorily, etc.
3) it has to be a floor effect, not rack-based.
4) it has to be able to run off a 9v adaptor (you don't have to supply the adaptor) as I don't want batteries involved.
5) it has to be inexpensive.
I don't have a wads of cash for this project so the name of this game is quantity, not quality. ;-)
Not sure if Iím going to get a deluge here or not but I'm not going to say that I'll unconditionally accept all pedals.  Please email me at ditchwrestler@yahoo.com and tell me what you've got and what you want for it.

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