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Re:Re: Real-time category

>In case of going to a recording mode, we still have to wait for the 
>fade in which happens in a analog VCA chip.
>So if you want to record a full attack, you need to press the button 
>about 7ms before you play it - which does not seem to be a problem for 

I had a problem once or twice.
When trying to copy a rhythmic Vortex loop onto the edps it was hard
to get the first attack of the loop,
and in the past I sometimes had a problem when playing.
...but now somehow the problem doesn't happen.
I guess that the mind can compensate, and move the foot
just a little bit early.

The mind and body have so many latencies already,
(and jitter?) , so somehow we manage to compensate
for those.
Not only is there the time to send a "command" to the foot to
make the button press, but also there's a long delay
from the time a sound enters the ear till we become conscious of it.
Around 100ms! (or something like that).

This leaves us with 2 possible conclusions

1) "Software loopers" running on computers are usable for music.

2) Humans, who lack a RTOS, are unsuitable for playing music


andy butler