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Re: korg wavedrum

yeah...preconcieved notions are often a wall we must demolish if one wants to keep it real...

"gareth.whitcock" <gareth.whitcock@ntlworld.com> wrote:
Lucky bugger!
How much was it?


> Hi all-
> I've just recently bought a korg wavedrum synthesizer, and I've gotta
> say - this thing is so perfect for looping its sick. I have been a bit
> frustrated by the challenge of micing and monitoring acoustic drums and
> percussion in a looping context for years now. I'm completely resistant
> to electronic drums and using samples, ect because I know firsthand how
> expressive an acoustic instrument can be. Well the wavedrum is every bit
> as expressive as an acoustic drum because its synthesis algorithm is based
> on trigger inputs, pressure sensing, AND an internal microphone.
> Anyway, just sharing my excitement. I know there are others on the list
> looping with a wavedrum - lets hear from you...
> Jon
> ps. I started a Yahoo discussion group for those of you who might be
> interested:
> korg_wavedrum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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