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Re: Digitech RDS8000 Time Machine, help please.

Are you wondering about how to trigger a sample from that device, or
ideas on musical applications thereof?


On 12/9/05, Ernest Smith <nowsmith@comcast.net> wrote:
> I just got this in yesterday. It combines the 8 seconds of the PDS
> 8000 and the modulation of the PDS 20/20. All in a cool brushed
> aluminum and blue rack unit.
> I never really used the sample/trigger function on my old PDS 8K, so
> I'm sure I missed out on some cool sounds. Now that I have the RDS8K,
> I'd like to figure out how the sample/trigger deal works.
> Anybody experienced? I've been looking at the online manual, but I'm
> hoping for some real world suggestions.
> Thanks.
> Ernest