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Re:Re: Real-time category #790

Stephan says:-

>  If I need, I could have it sample accurate (trigger with audio), 
> this would be more than 50 times more accurate than that specific 
> hardware looper.

If you'd ever tried that you'd know that audio triggering won't give 
sample accurate results.
In fact, you'd very quickly realize that it's not at all easy to 
trigger accurately from audio.

>Thats the time it needs to switch from an interupt (incoming Midi 
>event for example) to deal with this event. 20 microseconds on a 
>20MHz 68000....
>I run a 1,5 GHz Powerbook with a PPC, I guess its probably more in 
>the range of nano seconds...

Sorry, that's really misleading.
If the processor was running just one thread, and that was the only 
interupt then
then I guess the figure's right, but there's actually a whole bunch 
of interrupts,
and the one for Midi is going to be way down the priority order.
...and of course, MIDI's much slower than that.
Check out the MIdi specifications, and how MIDI works
...and you'll see.

andy butler