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Re: more EDP noise

I know the problem, mine does that, too. Itīs the older version of the 
Oberheim EDPs, with the smaller, more spindly knobs. I have the impression
that itīs some kind of scling noise on the input that starts to build up
within the loop. Itīs annoying, and I think Iīm going to have it fixed some
day or other.



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> sorry for interrupting all your MRI bonk bonk klonk klonk
> but apart from that thump noise on my EDP i have had a serious high-
> pitch wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on the plex' output for a couple of weeks
> whenever a loop is recorded (most audible with an empty loop, naturally)
> pitch is about a b''' - what could that be?
> thanks again for your help
> phil