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Re: The MRI and Looping: For Ambient & Experimental Music?

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From: "Legion" <legion@helpwantedproductions.com>

>  I have been working
> with the source material I got for some time now and I have to agree with
> all the comments of how it is rhythmical, ambient, industrial, etc. In my
> experience in environmental sound there is nothing quite like it.

Do you have any music to share?  How clear or apparent was the sound
with the recording sitting outside the room? When I had my MRI done
this week, that wouldn't have worked. I was inside a very tightly sealed
room, almost like a sound proofed studio with a very large door that sealed
up tight. I'm thinking that using the plastic tube is a good idea, or 
system that the technician uses...but still a far cry from having mics 
there next to the machine!  It's like these are forbidden sounds, not to be
recorded with hi-fi recording equipment.