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Re: Real-time category

However far you stand from your speakers, and however long it takes
the switch to engage are relative constants.  The issue with non-RTOS
tools is that they can introduce a random lag into events.  If your
tool is trying to keep four loops aligned with an external timing
source while monitoring and responding to your input, it's crucial
that those events happen "in" the software with the same timing that
they occur in the physical world.

You want the four loops to all keep starting at the desired point, and
you want the  recording of your next loop to pick up after your
footswitch is pressed (some recording software is always buffering the
input to accomodate its known latency--you want the start point of the
actual recording to be aligned with when you pressed the switch which
is hopefully aligned with the MIDI clock you're sync'ing to) and so
on.  You don't want a +/- 20ms rearing its head at random, yet
frequently crucial moments.


On 12/7/05, Tony K <bigtony@softhome.net> wrote:
> >recording") with an upcoming MIDI downbeat from your drum machine.  If
> >you press the switch 15ms before the downbeat, expecting that the app
> >will read that and then wait until the next downbeat before recording
> Man, my feet just don't have 20 ms accuracy much less 1.5ms.
> I feel that there is no 'practical' difference.  if you stand 12 feet 
> your speakers instead of 3 there's a difference in latency.  How long 
> it take for the switch to engage?  For my brain to tell my foot to move 
> click...
> It's all about feel anyway.
> Tony