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Ableton Live

Hello all, 

New to this list. Anyway, I'm trying to start using Ableton for live 
looping. I've been using the program for a couple years with loops I've 
pre-made, so I know my way around it pretty well, but now want to try 
it for live playing. I'm able to record an initial loop fine, but I'm 
problems with then recording a second one on another track and getting it 
sync right. Are there ideal quantization settings I should use? I'm 
the problem is that it's nearly impossible to record 2 loops exactly the 
same length live, so eventually they're getting out of sync. Is there a 
setting that will make them start the same time each time? And if so, what 
about loops of different lengths, say a 4 beat loop and an 8 beat? Or an 
uneven measure length like a 4 beat and 6 beat? I've been messing with 
different quantizing settings, but haven't been able to get things to do 
what I want yet. Is it a problem that I'm not using a master clock source? 
Ableton has a tempo setting, but since I'm not using any other loops other 
than what I record on the spot, I may not be synced with it. Or should I 
Should I tap in a tempo first to get things going? 

All I'm trying to do is be able to play something live, have it record and 
begin looping immediately (which I have already accomplished), and then 
repeat the process on different tracks with different parts (which is 
things start getting ugly). I know of someone doing this same sort of 
(successfully) with Max/MSP, which I'm going to experiment with, but since 
already have some familiarity with Ableton, I'd like to try it with that,