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New music online

Hi folks,
we have a new album out that was recorded at Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory in June 2001. Thereīs a lot of analog stuff on it, like ARP 2600 with ARP Sequencer, Mini Moog, Moog Prodigy, Jupiter 8, TR-808, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble 2000, Rhodes Piano and more. We have uploaded a little tour diary on www.doombient.com, just check the "concerts" section and go straight to "read the tour diary". There should be some music playing in the background as soon as you enter the diary. Mind you, there is nothing to download or nothing to click on, the music comes in automatically. The site has been optimized for Java and IE, so please donīt be surprised if Firefox or other browsers respond a little iffy. There is some more music in the "caverna larvarum" section, too, but with less analog content :-). Loopers used at Jodrell Bank were a couple of Jam Men, in the "caverna" section you could add two Echoplexes and a Repeater to the looping rig.
Enjoy, apologies for having wasted bandwidth,

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"Hoellenengel", new album by Stephen Parsick. Street date: October 01, 2005.
For info and audio, please check www.parsick.com
Itīs out: "Oughtibridge", the new [īramp] album, recorded live in England.
For info and audio, please visit the official [īramp] website at www.doombient.com

[WTB]: "Englandīs Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (Coil, Current93, Nurse With Wound, David Tibet).