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Re: E-H 16sec Reissue Update

> > where is ron the EH man now? still lurking? :-)

FWIW I wrote Ron asking about the upgrade last week. He wrote me right
back saying he'd find out and sent me an email the next day with all the

> > I am in the UK & would love to hear about getting this firmware 
> > even if I have to change out the chip myself.

Alas it's not a chip, it's a software upgrade. Even some EH reps are
calling it a "firmware upgrade" but apparenlty that's not true. (according
to the engineer who is training the other techs on the upgrade anyway).

> I've had a couple of email exchanges with EHX on this subject and at
> the moment they're *adamant* that it has to go back to them in the US.

Yes. Unfortunaltey it makes sense since it's not soldering or poping
something in. Still I suppose they could have a Europeon repair site but I
don't think they're that big of a company in the first place. I'm just
happy they responded to criticisms and are offering the updrage period.

> My current plan is to take up a friend's offer to take it to New
> Sensor when he travels to NYC in February.

Not a bad plan. They did say it only takes a few days to do the upgrade
and they might make an exepction to that if you write and ask in advance.

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