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AW: Real-time category

Yeah, but most hardware devices (take e.g. an EDP or a Repeater) run
some kind of RTOS, which PCs and Macs do (normally) not. Not sure about
Kyma though; I'm not familiar with this...

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Betreff: Real-time category

Hi Loopers,

I just found this quote on the Loopers-Delight page where all the 
software loopers are listed:

"PC/Mac software doesn't get to be in the real-time category, cause if 
it runs on MacOS or Windows, it can't honestly be called real-time! It 
can still be very powerful stuff, though...."

I don't understand the quote, its obviously wrong, I do realtime looping

since more than a decade with software running on various OSes, mostly 
OS X now. There must be a debate about it...

I am sure I can setup my instrument faster than any looper with more 
than 2 hardware loop devices. And most hardware devices run software 
within their own OS. Hardware can even crash...
(Kyma is listed as hardware, though its software, the accompanying 
hardware is called Capybara ;-)



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