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Hello all and "nice to be back on the list" after an eventful three  
month including a y2k5-loop-festival-performance with my EDP on  
strike and an upcoming CD release...

... I am having a hard time with my looper back in switzerland for  
every time i push the record button or sometimes also the next loop  
one, it gives me that "thump!" noise

now i can remember having heard someone talk about this issue earlier  
this year but i neither can remember who it was nor can i find it in  
the archives

so any hints are received most gratefully

(CD orders are received gratefully, too - but i am afraid that pay  
pal button on my website doesn't seem to be working yet and i imagine  
no one here wants to give me any hints about how to deal with that  
worst pal i've ever dealed with...

...anyway, check it out: http://www.mem.li/e/craft-paypal_e.html)