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Re: Sooperlooper question.

On Dec 4, 2005, at 20:43, todd reynolds wrote:

> Iím having a wonderful time watching how sooperlooper so neatly  
> integrates into ableton live, but am stuck on the midi routing.  I  
> thought that it would simply show up somewhere, whether in  
> preferences or in the midi routing pull down.
> After consulting the docs, I downloaded midi patchbay, but donít  
> see it there either...

I'm not sure I correctly understand what you are asking for, but  
anyway, here's the trick to route MIDI into SL and the SL loops  
output to different Ableton Live 5 tracks:

SL-au has to be opened on a MIDI track in Live. Not on an audio track.
This is how I set up a three loops SL rig in Live:

1. Open SooperLooper AU plug-in on a MIDI track.
2. Name this MIDI track "SL input".
3. Turn down the volume for this MIDI track (but keep the Monitor set  
to "In")
4. Create three Audio tracks and set them all to "Audio From = Ext in  
5. Outputs for those three Audio tracks should be:
   a) SL input, 3/4-SooperLooperAU
   b) SL input, 5/6-SooperLooperAU
   c) SL input, 7/8-SooperLooperAU

Now you have created three separate audio inputs to clone and  
distribute our live input into the three SL loops on the MIDI Track  
"SL input". Time to make the output routings:

6. Create three Audio tracks and name them SL1, SL2 and SL3 .
7. Set audio inputs like this:
    a) SL1: Audio From = SL Input, 3/4-SooperLooperAU
    b) SL2: Audio From = SL input, 5/6-SooperLooperAU
    c) SL3: Audio From = SL input, 7/8-SooperLooperAU

Make sure all seven tracks have the Monitor selector set to "In".

MIDI control data should be sent to the Live MIDI channel/track that  
is hosting the SL-au plug-in. You can do those settings in Live's  
MIDI Preferences window. Route your MIDI input where you have  
connected your MIDI controller to "Input/Remote" by ticking the "off"  
button for that routing so it goes "On" instead. In general, the MIDI/ 
Sync preferences page is like a MIDI patch bay: you have the three  
functions Track, Sync and Remote for both Input and Output. Set them  
all up as you want the data to flow! If you also activate the system  
built-in IAC Driver bus you can use that one to send midi from one  
track's MIDI clips into plug-ins on a different track. That's very  
fun to play with ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)