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Re: Re EDP loosing MIDI Clock sync - Quest

At 01:48 AM 12/2/2005, Luis Angulo wrote:
>Yes,there is indeed a problem with it, i did a show on
>Saturday where we improvised spontaneously music to
>pictures and paintings which were being manipulated
>with software.This is the first time i slave the EDP
>to my MPC1000 and i had to constantly trigger the
>reAlign function to keep the loops synced,i didnīt do
>any loop copy or auto record,just simply recorded to
>the running grooves of the MPC and it still
>happened.As a master the EDP works flawlesly though.


The problem we are talking about here only relates to using AutoRecord 
sync=in, and has the easy fix of using LoopCopy=time instead of 
If you were not using AutoRecord, then I don't think you were having the 
same issue Per is talking about. There isn't any known issue with normal 
use of sync in from midi clock - that should work fine. You would have to 
give a better explanation of your problem/setup for us to help you.


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