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2005 Looper's Survey - update

Some very quick stats, and another call to action!

If you haven't completed the survey, please come by!  It only takes a 
minute and it doesn't hurt (much).


Some quick and dirty stats.  I will publish a MUCH more comprehensive 
analysis once we close the survey.  I may even publish a pivot table in 
Excel format so you data mongers can slice it and dice it anyway you want:

Of the 123 responses so far, 76 of them are LD members (62%)

Of the LD respondents:
93% male, 1% female, 6% no response
Average 8.2 years of looping experience (0.5 years lowest, 25 years 

Just some top looping tools (% of LD respondents using the tool):
EDP: 53%
Ableton Live: 34%
DL-4: 30%
Repeater: 25%
Lexicon Vortex: 25%
RC-20:  20%
Mobius: 18%
Kaoss Pad: 13%
Audiomulch: 13%
Digitech RDS/PDS series: 12%
Boomerang: 11%
Ellotronix: 11%
Lexicon Jamman: 11% (the Digitech version is at about 4%)
Lexicon PSP42 (plugin): 11%