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E-H 16sec Reissue Update

Hi all

For anyone that uses the E-H 16sec Reissue, there is an upgrade available
now that allows you to disable the count-in and set the loop endpoints on
the fly.  Unfortunately it's not available as a user mod, so you need to 
the unit back to E-H for a chip replacement.  The cost is $35, plus 
it costs to ship it, which I think is about $10 in the US [just a guess,
sorry - I'm just a user, and I'm in NYC, so I'll probably just drop mine
off].  I'm not sure how you actually enable/disable it, but for my purposes
it would be fine just to set it so it always works that way...

This is what Rik from E-H [rik@sovtek.com] sent me:

        "Basically by setting up the unit
        in a series of predetermined settings the chip will recognize this
        disable the 4 beat count in. So this would be mainly for foot use.
The loop
        will stay as long as y ou have the unit in record mode. Once you
stop then
        that is the end of the loop. Best used for live applications so you
        create loops on the fly.
        The amount is $35 for the update payable via Money Order or Credit
        Please send the unit to:

        New Sensor Corp.
        32-33 47th Avenue
        Long island City, NY 11101"

Hope this is helpful.

- egdon