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Re: AW: New here and looking for a looping device


All good info with one small clarification - the only PDS series  
pedals that do modulated delay are the 20/20 and the 2700. The other  
PDS delays (1000, 2000, 8000) don't have modulation sections.

On Nov 27, 2005, at 3:32 PM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill  

> Janosch,
> regarding devices in the lower price range:
> The DD20 seems to be a fine tool, plus it offers several delay
> algorithms. Other loopers in the same price range are the Boss
> RC-20/RC-20XL, the Digitech Jamman and the Line6 DL4. Among these  
> three,
> the Line6 has by far the shortest loop length (14s or 28s in  
> halfspeed),
> but offers single-shot (for stuttering effects), reverse and half- 
> speed
> functionality. The RC-20 and RC-20XL does also offer reverse, but none
> of the other ones offers the other two options. Plus, the DL4 has also
> some interesting delay algorithms (albeit with a short delay time  
> of ~3s
> or half of it for the reverse delay). The Akai Headrush would also  
> be in
> the same league regarding price and features. I did own the older E-1
> variant, which offers either a 23s delay or a 23s looper (albeit only
> half of that if you do overdubs, which you can undo).
> Depending on the way you work with loops, some delay-based effects  
> might
> also be in the running. TC Electronic's D-Two offers a maximum of
> 10seconds in mono, and has some whacked forward/reverse rhythmic  
> tapped
> delays, dynamic delays as well as added filters and modulators. There
> are also a lot of vintage devices, some of them might be had at a good
> price and provide lots of fun: Digitech's RDS/PDS series offer  
> modulated
> delays with a length of up to 8s (in the PDS8000). Then there's the
> Lexicon Vortex, which can be used as a textural looper (with a maximum
> loop length of something like 1.67s cascading both delay lines).  
> There's
> also the original Lexicon Jamman, although I know nothing about this
> one.
> If using a computer would be an option for you, there are some  
> tools in
> the market as well. Mac users seem to enjoy AugustusLoop a lot, while
> for win platforms there's a emulation of eight EDPs called Mobius -  
> both
> come as VST effects (Moebius also as standalone). For a listing of
> software loop solutions, you might take a look at Bernhard Wagner's  
> list
> here http://tinyurl.com/b8lw6.
> Finally, let me state that it's also but not only about the tools.  
> Just
> like you, I started to do looplike stuff with very limited setups  
> (in my
> case, the combination of the delay algos of a Boss SE-50 and a  
> digitech
> StudioQuad), which really limited my possibilities. Nowadays, I'm able
> to use a DL4, an Eclipse, a Vortex and a Repeater for loop stuff - but
> there's a lot of really interesting stuff you can do e.g. with a DL4
> alone, or with a combo of, say, a DD20 and a Virtualizer. In most  
> of my
> sessions and concerts with my improvised dance outfit "Eclectic  
> Blah", I
> rely on the looping possibilities of the DL4 exclusively, and  
> especially
> in a band context, this is really enough.
> Welcome to our strange world!
>       Rainer
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> Von: Janosch K. [mailto:daasp@gmx.net]
> Gesendet: Sonntag, 27. November 2005 15:43
> An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Betreff: New here and looking for a looping device
> Hello all,
> May a few words regarding my person first. I'm 19 and from Wuppertal
> ,Germany, being a Synth/Keyboard-player for 3 years and studying  
> law at
> the university. Listening to Prog Rock like Yes and King Crimson. I
> found this wonderful site few weeks ago and kept reading quite a bit
> since them. My interest for looping came up when I got my hand on a
> Behringer Multi-FX device, the Virtualizer DSP 2024, but I never did
> much looping until one month ago, when I got my Roland GR1 guitar  
> synth,
> which seems to be the perfect soundtool for my needs. So i  
> experimented
> a lot with loops, even if the device only has 5 seconds of delay  
> time it
> was a very nice experience and I can spend hours with it, with adding
> new stuff constantly and fading out the old stuff by controlling the
> feedback. And you never know how the whole thing will develop. And  
> now,
> I'm looking for a device, that offers more delay/loop time. I have  
> read
> great things about the Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex and TC 2290, but they
> are out of my price range, so I took a look on the Boss DD20, which
> seems to be very nice with it's 23 seconds of loop or delay time (as I
> read in a Looper's Delight review, you can even have 46 seconds). Also
> it keeps the ongoing delay when you switch programs. I'm going to test
> it soon, are there any comments on this device? In my opinion, it  
> should
> be fine enough to start with. Or are there any alternatives out there?
> Thanks in advance!
> All the best, Janosch