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Re: Small laptop-based looping setup: case (slightly OT)

Hey Rainer,

As a great alternative to the SKB cases, there is a fantastic case made in 
the US by the company called GATOR CASES.

are light weight, durable and have a telescoping handle and recessed 
as well (like the kind found on most good
travelling suitcases).

They are like SKB's  (pretty light and not as sturdy as ATA cases) but I 
have to agree to
disagree with Travis' assessment that you shouldn't fly with them (all due 
respect, Travis, because I know you have a lot
of experience with touring)

I have toured in 12 countries in 3 years now and flown a lot with my GATOR 
CASES; abused the hell out of them (try hoisting
2 6 space rack cases and two huge suitcases up and down the subways in 
London and Paris as my wife and I did).
and I love them.

  I've had to occasionally replace latches and even wheels on my Gator 6 
space cases which is pretty typical
if you do a lot of touring anyway (I was forced to roll them over really 
rough cobblestones in both Paris and Stockholm
which will wear out any wheels on any luggage pretty quickly) and I have 
found that the people at GATOR have been incredibly helpful in replacing 
parts that wear out, including sending me a new set of wheels to Europe in 
the middle of my
tour.    I just can't say enough good things about this company.  I only 
wish I had
an endorsement with them....................<smile>

They are so convenient that I will never dream of going back to SKB cases 

Also, for added stability and protection I always use wide dayglo green 
nylon suitcase straps (two to each case and available at any discerning 
travel store) so that if a latch ever bursts that the case will not fly 
open.   The bright straps help you spot your gear at the baggage pickup 
belts, too.

Additionally, the fact that they are light means that you can make it onto 
lot of flights that have weight restrictions.

American International flights have a limit of 70 lbs  (32 some odd kilos, 
pardon my bad metric conversion)
per bag and many are reducing that to 50 lbs (22 kilos?).     Many 
European flights have far, far smaller weight limitations before they 
adding price to your plane ticket.     I was assesed $600 extra for excess 
baggage for one 45 minute flight from
Stockholm to Glascow!!!!!!   I never took another plane in Europe for the 
next two months after that sobering experience.

Also,  remember that 8 space racks and greater are no longer allowed on 

This means that the very heavy duty ATA cases just reduce the amount of 
you can bring with you despite the fact that they
are heavier duty than the GATOR or SKB models.

gratuitously and tangiential to this thread:


1)  Put your sensitive electronics inside of your normal
suitcase surrounded by soft clothing, filling your Flight cases with other 
less vulnerable things for flying.................
then just reassembling your rack case when you get to your destination.

I did this flying to Japan and to Switzerland this summer.

2) Alternatively,  you'd have to measure but I imagine that you could get 
4 space rack into the overhead containers
so that means you can take your sensitive stuff onboard with you and 
the ragged handlers.

3) I also sometimes put FRAGILE,  GLASS  stickers on my 
bags..................that tends to make even the most rugger baggage 
handlers sit up and take notice.

4)   I try to chat up the people at the ticket booth and ask them if I can 
hand deliver my equipment to the plane.   Since 911 they never let you do 
this anymore, but frequently, they will have a word with the baggage 
It's not foolproof but anything to get your gear their safely.