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Re: EDP Insert: Overdub, too?

> I have Overdub=TOG, and this seems like Overdub=Sus,

Now that I re-read, this part doesn't make any sense, as the Insert is 
not being held down...


.David.Auker. wrote:

> In StutterMode, with Insert=Sub, when I end Multiply with Insert I get 
> Feedback display (0-127), and then am overdubbing at that feedback for 
> as long as desired.  Ending that with Overdub can add a "finishing 
> touch.". *I have Overdub=TOG, and this seems like Overdub=Sus,* with 
> the feedback set by front knob (feedback pedal inserted in back of 
> EDP).   This is a great way to let the loop progress into new 
> territory!  Is this described in the manual somewhere?  I just 
> stumbled on it by accident, and can't get up (-)