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The 2005 Looper's Survey ...begins... NOW!

I've found a simple way to allow respondents to include any devices that 
they use that are not listed, so I've decided to go ahead and start this 



It should be fairly self explanatory, and there is a preamble that might 
answer any questions.  Then again, maybe not - so if you have a problem 
or a question, feel free to email me privately.

I'll provide some intermediate statistics after a few weeks, and will 
leave the survey open for a couple of months.  Last time we had almost 
100 respondents.  I'm also inviting the people at Harmony Central's 
Guitar Effects forum, so perhaps we'll have a bigger population this 
time around.

There's a link to my blog once you finish the survey.  It's new and 
kinda ragged at this point (and still no sound clips - I slack!), but 
you are invited to come take a look around if you have a few extra 
minutes of click time.

Please come by and let yourself be counted.