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RE: Gibson Echoplex Noise problem

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Others on the list would know more, but your comment about tapping makes me wonder if this is maybe a "contact crub" problem on the pots. Do any of the pots seem to affect the noise when you turn them? If so, a bit of contact cleaner might do the trick.
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Warren Sirota
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Its been a long long time since I posted anything here, but I've always found this list to be a great resource of information so I thought I'd ask here.

I've got a Gibson Echoplex, circa 1999 2000 maybe.  not quite sure although I bought it new. I believe... Its loop 3 v.5 software.  I realize there's been a software upgrade and I'm thinking of going that way. 

It has served me really well and I certainly put it through quite a lot of use on the road 200 nights a year for 4 years.

So here's my problem.  Lately I'm finding that it is REALLY noisy.  I can also get more noise out of it by tapping it. 

I've called Gibson, and I guess the one guy who is responsible for this product is too busy to return my calls.  I bought it in Canada and the distributor tells me they wouldn't know what to do with it so they'd probably send it to gibson.

Bottom line is that I use this thing every day proffesionally and I can't afford to be without it for four months while it sits on a shelf somewhere.  I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if it is a simple fix like replacing the RAM or upgrading the software.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.