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Re: DRIVE the LOOP or be DRIVEN?

Andrew wrote:

"this thread is entering into misinformed territory"

Dear Andrew,  thanks a lot for the description of how Logic Audio's tempo 
driving mechanism works.

Would you be into posting an example of how this works in a live situation?

The proof is in the pudding as they say.      I'm mildly skeptical, but 
important to be open minded since
technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.    I'm perfectly willing to 
drop my own preconceptions about it
being a bit of a technophile, myself.   Your description of how it works 
sounds fascinating and sounds like it
might work really well.

Thanks for your post.   I look forward to hearing some examples of it live 
in action.    You can write me offlist if you don't have the ability to 
an example on line...............I'll set up a webpage for you to upload 
to if you'd like.

yours, sincerely,   Rick Walker