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Re: Re: EDP Insert: Overdub, too?


>>   I've got one in there, and my feedback is indicated on the
>>display window when I use it.  But when I turn the actual feedback
>>knob on the front panel, I get no change in amount of Insert's
>>effect (it's 100% replace).


>INteresting! So then the functionality I'm using is only happening
>when controlling the EDP with MIDI while using a dummy plug in the
>feedback input jack, thus fooling Loop4 into thinking it is getting
>analog feedback pedal input. This seems to be another "happy
>accident" in the Loop4 architecture ;-)

In rPL mode the feedback pedal works in a different way to usual.
(you hear the effect of the feedback change without having to wait 
for the loop to go round)
So Matthias wanted to use the (otherwise unused) feedback control on the 
to turn Substitute into Overdub.
So not an accident.
Claude Voit is the pioneer of the dummy jack,
and Andre Lafosse worked out to use the technique with 8th Replace.

This addition to Substitute (when a pedal is used) is also available 
in Stutter Mode,
and is explained in the Stutter Mode section of the manual.

andy butler