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RE: New Golden Age of Tubes Re: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

Title: RE: New Golden Age of Tubes Re: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

>>yeah but no one (not even the yugoslavs) are making tubes like Mullard
and Telefunken did. or old GE or Sylvania tubes.<<

maybe they were NOS, but I doubt it: I bought mullard EL34s & ECC83s (12AX7s) from RS components just a few years ago.
but now their online catalogue is listing either JJ electronics or national semiconductors. the chinese ones are all marked "discontinued". hmph. but at least they offer matched pairs/quads.

farnell have a similar range but made (apparently) by chelmer. who they? & no matched sets. the downloadable data sheets look like they were hand-drawn in the 40s. 

maplin- nothing. but that's no surprise.
until someone designs a flashing-led-christmas-tree-kit that uses an ef87, it won't happen.

there's a soundsystem (bunch of turntablists with their own p.a. system) based in london that travels everywhere with a completely valve-driven set-up. y'd think it would warp the records.....

where do EH get theirs made?



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