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Re: Re: Turning OFF MultiIncrease in LoopIV

>  With MoreLoops=4, I'm trying to go
>from recording loop1, directly into recording on loop2

SwitchQuant = OFF
is necessary if you want to do this with NextLoop

Nextloop always ends a recording, and with all the other settings
of SwitchQuant the loop starts playing back.

>(NextLoop + carrying my loop1 with me, LoopCopy=On) back to
>playing in loop1, without anything on loop3 or loop4.

You need SwitchQuant = CnF (or one of the other similar options)
if you want to select which loop you want to go to next.

You have several options:-

1) SwitchQuant =Cnf, and let loop 1 play through before recording loop 2
2) MoreLoops  = 2,
3) "Random Access" the loops using midi Notes

>Like I said before, I keep ending up in MultiIncrease when
>I hit NextLoop again,

MultiIncrease is a special feature which allows you to multiply to
a fixed no. of cycles.
Hit Multiply once, to start, then straight away tap in the no. of
cycles you want.
eg. 3 taps on Multiply gives you 2 cycles in the loop

>and a long-press doesn't send me back
>to loop1 either.

with SwitchQuant=OFF the whole point is that you go
to the next loop immediately,
so there's no way the edp can wait to see if the press is
going to be a long one, it's already decided which loop to go to :-)

>  Hope this description helps.

hope you get to where you want to be,
I use SwitchQuant=Cnf and MoreLoops=2 together
almost all the time. It allows me to create complex arrangements,
and it's easy to keep track of what's happening.

If you're thing is to do backing chords on the edp, for soloing over,
then won't MoreLoops = 2 be enough? (just asking).
If you need to switch between 4 loops then either you have to
use MIDI control (fun), or use SwitchQuant = CnF and accept
that you let the loop you just recorded run for a bit.

OR (complexity warning!!)

with your original settings
1) hit Rec and play loop1
2) hit Next and play loop2
3) hit rec and Hear Loop1

Now each time you hit Next, you'll get one repeat of loop2,
and then go back to loop1.

to stay in loop 2, hit Undo while in loop2

when in loop2 you can use Next to start recording loop3
(after which you have to either hit Rec to go back to loop2,
   or Next to record loop4)

..but using SamplerStyle=One with multiple Loops is really a
bit confusing,   with the loops tending to jump about unexpectedly.
Really it's designed for playing the loops from midi notes, when
the loop will just play once and stop.
The "interesting" behaviour when using the regular controls works
ok with MoreLoops=2, but otherwise is best left to EDP obsessives.

andy butler

>- Sam