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Re: Turning OFF MultiIncrease in LoopIV

So you want to go from recording in loop2 back to loop1, and when you
get to loop1, what mode do you want to be in?  Play, Record, or
Overdub?  If I try that in LoopIV with the EFC, it inserts a cycle of
silence into loop2, which was really surprising to me.  Using a MIDI
controller, I can go back to loop1 from recording in loop2, but when I
get to loop1 I'm in Play.


On 10/30/05, Sam Rogers <onemouthband@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Sorry to repeat myself, but when I asked this question a
> couple weeks ago nobody touched it. Maybe I really do need
> to have MIDI control to go directly back to loop1, but I
> would think there's a way to do it through the front panel
> or footpedal simply because there was until LoopIV. Any
> thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
> - Sam
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>     * To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
>     * From: Sam Rogers <onemouthband@yahoo.com>
>     * Subject: Turning OFF MultiIncrease in LoopIV
>     * Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:31:12 -0700 (PDT)
> 'PlexPeople -
> I was just practicing a song that I haven't done since I
> made the upgrade to LoopIV, and I found I can't figure out
> how to perform it anymore.
> It's Stanley Turrentine's "Sugar", and I do the whole head
> as one 30-second loop (MoreLoops=4, AutoRecord=On).  I used
> to go directly from the bass & drums in Loop1, to recording
> a trumpet solo in Loop2, then jump back to Loop1 again for
> the lyrics, then Loop3, etc.  But now when I try to jump
> from recording Loop2 back to Loop1, I end up in
> MultiIncreaseLand.  MultiIncrease is a beautiful function,
> but is there a way I can turn it off for this tune?  Or a
> better way to approach the tune altogether? Thanks!
> Sam Rogers
> One Mouth Band
> www.OneMouthBand.com