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RE: Programming the Behringer FCB1010 for Echoplex use, a quick guide

I too went throught the pain and sorrow of programming the FCB1010 by 
hand. (By

The PC-based tools are great! I use Edward Dixon's tool I picked up from 
Files section of the FCB1010 Yahoo group
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fcb1010/). There is also
http://www.ripwerx.com/RipwerxFcb1010Editor.html, which is Java-based, but 
have not tried it.

Since you have to be a member of the Yahoo group to pick up the took, I've
posted it on my server for quick access:


(Since this probably bends copyright law quite a bit, I won't keep it up 

One problem is that, if I ever get to a gig and the FCB has lost it's mind,
there's no way I could reprogram it by hand.

- Clint Goss

Email: clint@goss.com
Web:   www.goss.com