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Programming the Behringer FCB1010 for Echoplex use, a quick guide

I just spent a few hours with the Behringer trying to program it to
work with my EDP.  I found the FCB manual to be confusing, and a quick
search of the archives here didn't turn up what I was looking for, so
for the aid of anyone else trying to program the damn thing by hand,
here's a very brief, very quick guide.  If there's interest, I'll
update this with suggestions or corrections.



1. Turn on the Behringer FCB1010 and the Echoplex.  Connect the MIDI
out jack to the MIDI In jack on the Echoplex.  Make sure the EDP MIDI
Control Source parameter is set to "not" (for "note") and that both
devices are set to the same MIDI channel.

2. Select the bank and patch you wish to edit with the UP and DOWN buttons.

3. Enter Edit mode by pressing the DOWN button for 3 seconds, or until
the two-digit bank indicator goes off and the first green LED under
Preset Configuration starts blinking.

4. Press the UP/Enter button.

5. Some the program button LEDs may now be lit, depending on what's
already been stored in the patch either at the factory or by you or
whoever you bought the FCB from.  You want to clear all that out so
that you're not sending a bunch of unwanted MIDI data.  Often, the 1,
8 and 9 buttons will be "on" in a factory preset.  You want to turn
those off, so hold down each button until the LED turns off.  This
takes about two seconds.

6. Once all the program button LEDs are off, hold down the 0 button
until its LED comes on.  This indicates that you're going to be
editing the MIDI note which is going to be sent by this patch.

7. Press the 0 button again.  Its LED should now be blinking.

8. Press the UP/Enter button.  The Select LED should turn off, the
Number LED should turn on and the two-digit display should now be on
and displaying "00" with the second "0" flashing.

9. Now you can enter the MIDI note number that you want transmitted. 
For example, the Record function is triggered by a note number of 38. 
Use the program buttons (the 0-9 buttons) to enter the note value.

10. When you've got the desired note value showing on the three-digit
display, press the UP/Enter button.  The three-digit display will turn
off, the 0 button LED will go to steady on, the Number LED will go
off, and the Select LED will go steady on.

11.  If you're finished editing that patch, hold down the DOWN button
for three seconds or until three-digit display comes back on
displaying the current bank.  At that point, you're in the "ready to
use" mode, and if you press the patch button you've just edited you
should see the EDP respond in the desired manner.

The note values for the EFC-7 button equivalents are as follows:

38      RecordButton    
39      OverdubButton   
40      MultiplyButton          
41      InsertButton    
42      MuteButton      
43      UndoButton      
44      NextButton      

For a more complete list of all the available MIDI commands, refer to
the manual or the spreadsheet here: