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Gig spam [Washington state]

Three acoustic guitar live looping shows this week:

Wednesday, November 2, 6-9PM Tutta Bella (4918 Rainier Ave. S. on the  
corner of Rainer & S.Hudson, Seattle)
     Somewhere new for me, a restaurant that features live music.  In  
the musician guidelines they mail to performers, one of the rules is  
"No Moondance (we're serious)".

Thursday, November 3, 9:30PM Fire and Earth (322 4th Ave E, Olympia)
     I was supposed to play there last week, but was rescheduled in  
favor of a two jug-band bill.  Apparently they love their jug band  
music at the state capitol.

Friday, November 4, 7-9PM Kickstand Cafe (Tacoma)
     David Bavas and I will be sharing the evening with a set of his  
material and one of my stuff at this Tacoma caffeine dispensary.

Be seeing you.


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