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Re: EDP preset secret???

At 03:10 AM 10/29/2005, mark francombe wrote:
>I suppose eveyone knows that pressing (and holding) insert  before you 
>make a loop, is a nifty way of changing presets??? Ive been using it for 
>ages, but Im not sure where I learned it from, I don't think i found it 
>the book. But is there a simelar way of changing presets DURING loop 
>I know I can change 'em via midi, but I like the "scrolling" method of 
>INSERT trick. Maybe an UP/DOWN combo would be good? Currently I  "do it 
>with my fingers"!

It's not a secret, that is in the manual. In reset, the Insert button 
scrolls down in presets, and the Mute button scrolls up. You don't have to 
hold it, you just press it until you get to the preset you want. When you 
leave it for a moment, it will switch to that preset.

In play mode (after you have recorded a loop), if you want to change 
presets from the front panel you have to go into the Parameter editing to 
the Presets section, where you can load in a different preset.

It is much easier to change presets with midi of course, where a program 
change message will do it at any time. The front panel way isn't that 
really, we were just re-using some buttons that otherwise were not used at 
that time.


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